Diane Gremmel Psychic Medium classes


Fall 2015

Everyone is Psychic!

Everyone is psychic, and this fast paced, fun 8 week workshop is designed to help each student to discover their personal psychic gifts. From spirit guides to past lives, we will explore the world of the intuitive mind. Clairaudience, Clairsentience , Clairvoyance, Dreams, ESP, Telepathy, Precognition and many other psychic gifts will be explored. Students will participate in fun games and exercises designed to discover the psychic in us all.The cost of the course is $189, which covers all materials used in class. Class size is very limited, and students are expected to attend all 8 sessions. To enroll in this class, please contact Diane at Upon payment of your class invoice via Paypal, you will be assured a space in the class. Due to the large volume of interest in this class there is currently a waiting list for enrollment.  

  Many of you have inquired about September classes. and due to circumstances beyond my control, classes are temporarily on hold.  The building housing the Cayce /A.R.E Center is in the process of being sold. As soon as I have more information on the timing and location of our future offices, I can provide a start date and location for classes.  Any recent inquiries have been placed in a file so that I can contact you when information becomes available– Thanks!–Diane Gremmel —August 1, 2016