Dear Diane—August 14, 2010

Dear Diane,

I feel a strong connection with a male friend–will this person always be just friends with me or will he feel romantic love for me? Will I meet someone new and hopefully soon? I’m in my thirties and wondering if true love will happen after the failed relationships I’ve had. I keep feeling embarrassed since I revealed my feelings for him and when I asked him, he didn’t feel that way about me. A part of me is holding out a small bit of hope that he is the one. Is this foolish and should I let that go?

     Aside from that, I worry also about my dog’s health, if I will be able to get him rehabilitated (physical therapy) so as not to resort to surgery. Have I chosen the correct professional field in my life? My goal is to see it through but I always have nagging doubts especially after a recent bad experience with a co-clinician. I’m trying to learn from it all but feel a bit lost. Do you see me finishing grad school and being successful in my job?

     Thanks so much.


Dear Anon,

I was only able to print part of your letter, but I’ll try to answer your questions

     You should feel very proud of yourself for having the courage to own your feelings and express them to this man. Caring about someone is difficult to hold inside, but so many people shut those feelings away out of fear of rejection. Don’t ever regret having taken a chance.

This man feels quite connected to you, but he is not ready for the kind of relationship you are looking for. Friendship is also a wonderful gift, and I know that in the future you will look back and be glad that he was honest with you.

     While we sometimes want our lives to fall into a certain pattern, with set destinations, life is really about the journey. Part of your journey is to see your own beauty and wisdom. A partnership can help to mirror to us what has always been there, but no relationship can survive unless you know your own value.

     I see that at times you have rushed into relationships, hoping that finally, THIS one will be the “one.” Take it one day at a time instead, and allow your friendships to unfold into true intimacy. You have made an excellent start with this man with your honesty and integrity. Stay open to having real connections with others, and the rest will fall into place.

     As for your career, you must really examine your own feelings, as being distracted by a stressful event will not give you any true answers. I pick up that you need to work with helping others, as this will give you the most satisfaction. There is definitely education in your future.

     Your dog is one more part of this puzzle. You need to listen to your inner voice, and begin to trust your own instincts. Your feelings about your pet are on the money. When situations or other people compel you to question yourself, just remember that the answers are there for you, if you will slow down and listen.


  Dear Diane,

     My son Max is in the first grade and he is very smart, but at home he regresses to talking to “imaginary” friends. I’ve told him to stop, but he says he can’t help it if they talk to him. He tells me they read to him, and some of them tell stories about things that later happen.

     I’m upset that something might be really wrong. A friend says that he might be psychic. What should I do?


Dear Katrina,

WOW! It sounds like your son is gifted. Many children go through a period of strong connection to the other side, but most outgrow this by the time they are your son’s age.

     Being psychic is a wonderful gift, but it can be scary to a parent who is grounded in an earthly world. I have a hunch that there are others in your family tree with similar gifts, but generations past have not always encouraged such abilities. Many children eventually forget their connection to the world beyond, but your son seems particularly capable.

     Perhaps Max will share more information with you. If you feel comfortable with it, ask him to tell you about his friends and the stories they read to him. Encourage him to express himself, but also encourage him to have friends at school as well as his imaginary friends. Being a parent to Max means helping him to make smart choices—no matter where the friends come from. If he has problems, just listen, and guide him as any elder would.

     You sound like an amazing mom with a very special son. If his abilities continue to open, you might wish to look around for psychic development classes for children. These classes can give someone like Max an outlet to express himself fully among peers. Make a point to interview several instructors, and make certain you feel positive about the one you choose.

     Max is lucky to have such a caring mom, and I know that the two of you are just beginning a fascinating journey together!

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