Dear Diane – August 28, 2010

Dear Diane,

For a long time I have wanted to go into acting, but I’ve been too chicken to get started. I just graduated with a degree in English, and I feel like it’s now or never. I don’t want to get “stuck” at some job I don’t like. My instinct is to take off for California and be an actress, but my mother thinks I’m crazy. Should I go? Will I be famous someday? My DOB is 7-4-89.


Dear Debra,

I’m proud of you for wanting to fulfill your dream, but one of the lessons you have in this life is about building foundations. Think about who you would like to be in a few years. If it’s fame that you want, I see a connection to a reality show that films in Los Angeles. Fame will get you attention, but it won’t develop your abilities. I see that you would be well known for a short time.

If being an actor is more important, then you need to lay a foundation of learning this craft from the bottom up. Take some beginning classes and audition for local productions. Learn the differences in acting for stage and film. Take a workshop on reading for commercials. Some people seem to be “overnight discoveries,” but most have been trying to break into the business for years.

In the end it’s about commitment. If you really want to learn to act, talk to every person you encounter. Writers, camera operators and casting directors can all share different knowledge and perspective. If you stay focused and motivated, I see you being very good in a few years time.

Lastly, perhaps you should study writing for the screen. You have a gift in this area, and your English degree is a great foundation. I see you being quite successful at this. Good Luck!

Dear Diane,

I keep thinking about a woman I knew when I was in my twenties. I’m sure she’s married by now, but I really don’t want anyone else. She was amazing, but I was a dumb kid and not ready for the commitment. We parted badly, but now all these years later I think of her constantly. Do I try and find her?


Dear Confused.

It’s important to remember that the girl you think of is now many years older too, with years more life experience. Today she is a different person, just as you are. You can’t return to that place in time, nor should you.

I actually pick this woman up as being divorced, and she has thought about you several times over the years. Reconnecting is easier than ever with the internet, and finding her will be as simple as exploring some networking sites.

Just make sure that you are ready to meet the person that she is now. Start with a letter with a brief apology. Keep the note simple, with a few details about your life today. If you look at each other with fresh and realistic eyes, very good things could happen. Be ready to fall hard!



Dear Diane,

I’m hoping to make a clean break from the job I’m in. I want so badly to walk out and never come back. My supervisor is always criticizing me, and she plays favorites among the employees. I’m sick and tired of her insults, but the job market is bad right now. What should I do?

T.L., Austin

Dear T.L.,

Your boss is having some health issues, and feels threatened by you. You are well liked by upper management, and she’s afraid that she could be replaced. I see her being forced to take time off in the near future, and things will go much more smoothly. Stay where you are a bit longer, as I see a raise and promotion for you. Congratulations!

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