Dear Diane Column — August 27, 2011

Dear Diane,

I am disturbed by dreams I have of my mom. She’s been gone for many years and yet it feels very real. She had issues with drugs and eventually died from them. When I see her in my dreams, she is trapped and screaming and crying and has this tortured energy that hurts. She is screaming to something to let go of her, and it won’t. A psychic told me that she is earthbound and unable to move to the light, and that she’s stuck like that. I have had these dreams for a couple of years, since I moved to a new city and started my life over. I once had a problem too, but I quit. Is the psychic right? Is my mom trapped? When I wake up I feel like a car ran over me. How do I help my mom?


Dear C.R. 

I’m happy for you that you have a new life, as it takes great courage to start over. I know that your mother is proud of what you are accomplishing.
I do not pick up that your mother is trapped, as I feel she has progressed to a place of healing and light. Her life was extremely difficult, and she will continue to learn and grow.
Dreams are a way to release energy and thoughts that need to be dealt with. Sometimes, a dream can contain a valid visitation from a loved one. In this case, however, I pick up a great deal of trauma that you continue to deal with. The childhood that you lived through was stressful and painful. While you are fighting to move forward with your life, there is a piece of the past that screams for you to “let go.” It would help for you to speak with a therapist skilled in dealing with childhood trauma. I feel these dreams are your mind’s way of telling you that it can’t exist in the past if you are going to move forward.
On a positive note, I see things continuing to improve in your life, and I see you going back to school in about five years. Your experiences will help many people. Good luck!


Dear Diane,

I’m pretty sure I have a psychic gift. I can tell who is calling when the phone rings, and sometimes I know things without having a reason for knowing them. I told my husband his boss would get transferred and that he should apply for the job of project leader. It turns out that I was right, and his boss just got transfer orders.
My question is about how to develop my abilities. I’ve seen classes advertised, but can anyone really teach you to be psychic? How do I know if someone is a good teacher?


Dear Marla,

Everyone has some psychic ability, but it sounds like you are quite gifted. There are many great books available that will give you exercises to develop your gift. Watching programs and reading biographies of individual psychics will help you to understand how others practice their abilities.
When choosing a teacher, there are several things to look for.

  • Check out the reputation of the person teaching the class. Perhaps you know someone who has taken a class or had a reading. Look for an experienced teacher that you can relate to.
  • Look out for ego! A good teacher will be open to many different schools of thought. If you encounter someone who feels that their path is the only path, keep walking. If a teacher seems to be overly impressed by their own reputation and credentials, you may wish to find an instructor who is less grounded in exterior perceptions.
  • Let learning be fun! Look for a class that you will look forward to attending. The greatest progress will come with finding joy in your gift.
  • Every student is different, so don’t be afraid to evaluate several options. If an instructor demands a large upfront fee that is non-refundable, you may wish to steer clear.
  • Use your instinct! You may simply have a gut feeling about what you need to do, so follow it!  With whatever road you choose, you will find information that “resonates” with you as well as information that doesn’t fit your needs. Listen to your gut about what works for you. Good luck!


Dear Diane, 

There is a story in our family about “buried treasure” in the yard of my late grandmother’s house. We tried many times but have never located it. My brothers say that we need to sell the property, but I’m afraid that if we do we will lose out on whatever is hidden there. Is there some place that I should look in particular? It feels like it’s now or never.


Dear T.G.

I pick up that the story was simply that, a story. While it’s fun to dream about a huge exciting treasure, feel blessed that you have the gift of family. While I see the property going up for sale, I don’t feel it selling for another year or so. In the mean time, enjoy your memories of buried treasure and great times with your family. Blessings!


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