Dear Diane Column — December 17, 2011

Dear Diane,

I keep seeing dark, human looking figures out of the corner of my eye, and I think I must be going crazy. I look to the left and it looks as though someone is standing next to the wall, but when I turn to face them they aren’t there. I’ve always been a rational person, but this is happening almost every day now. Is there some message that my mind is trying to give me? Is this something that you have seen? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!


Dear Nancy, 

Many people have the same experience with the “shadow beings.”  I saw them from the time I was a small child. It was one of the first experiences I had with seeing in a paranormal way.
Some psychologists will point to the brain’s ability to make sense out of what is abstract. In other words, the brain will identify a flash of energy as a human form, as that is a definition that makes sense to the brain.
I’ve always felt that these shadow forms are intelligent energies from a universe that overlaps our own. Some of us can see a bit farther than others, and you are obviously one of those gifted people.
Don’t be alarmed or disturbed by these visions, as fear is your only enemy here. If you start to feel uncomfortable with their presence, remind yourself that you are in command of your world. Feel free to ask your guides and angels for protection, and remember that you are safe.
You may wish to explore a few books on psychic development, as it sounds like you are starting to open up. This is an exciting adventure, and the more knowledge you have at hand, the less scary it will be. Blessings!


Dear Diane,

I’ve got money invested in what I knew would be a long term investment, but now it’s been several years and I can’t get my money out. If I cash out now, I’ll lose most of what I put in to start. I’m at a point where I need as much cash on hand as possible, and I’m putting off retirement for a couple of more years to protect my future. Will I ever make any money off of my investment? Will there be a better time to get some of the money back? Do you see me quitting my job in the next few years? I was born 4-10-1947.


Dear D.L, 

You are in the same situation that so many people are in right now. The important thing is not to panic, as I feel this issue improving for you.
While I don’t see full retirement for you for about five years, there will be a chance to recover most of your investment in about two years. If you can let this money sit for another five to six years, I see that a profit is possible.
Don’t worry about retiring right away, as the work you are putting in now will pay off. I predict many happy, prosperous years ahead for you, lots of travel, and a part time business opportunity. Have fun!


Dear Diane,

I’ve been trying to have a baby for at least a decade, and while I’ve had two miscarriages, I’ve not carried a baby to term. While my doctor says that we can still keep trying, I don’t want to get my hopes up. My husband says that whatever I want is fine with him, but I know he wants a child of his own. Do you see me getting pregnant again?
Can acupuncture help? I’m hoping against hope, but I’m realistic too. Do you feel anything about our future?

Bonnie and Charlie

Dear Bonnie,

I have a strong impression of children around the two of you, and I’m almost certain that you will be parents. This can happen in different ways, so you might discuss the idea of adoption. Some families are blessed with children through both pregnancy and adoption, with wonderful miracles that come from the mix.
As for acupuncture, I feel as though this would be a very effective addition to your current efforts, but make certain that the person you work with has a clear track record with this kind of process.
Wherever they come from, your children will find their way to you, so don’t give up on your dream!


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