Dear Diane Column — July 28, 2012

Dear Diane

About a year ago, I found some letters that my dad had written to my mother. The short version is that I found out about an affair that he had when I was a teenager. On one hand, it makes things a lot clearer, as I can understand now why he spent several months “away on business” around that time. On the other hand, I’m furious that this happened and that my mom had to be hurt.

My father has passed and my mom suffers from dementia, so I have no one to talk to about this. I know this sounds strange, but do you pick up anything about the situation? Was he in love with this woman? Did he love my mom? Did he come back because of me? It changes everything that I thought was true, so I’m torn up about this. Dad was born 5-7-1928, and mom was born 6-23-1933. Anything  you  can tell me will help.


Dear Beth, 

It must have been very shocking to find out about what happened so long ago, but there is a lot of truth in those letters. I pick up that your father tried to explain his actions to your mom, and while I don’t condone cheating on one’s partner, I see that each of them was unhappy with their relationship at that time.
Your dad was indeed doing a lot of traveling on business, and I feel that the communication had all but broken down between him and your mother. He felt depressed, she felt abandoned, and their relationship fell apart.

It’s important to remember that you had nothing to do with this situation. It was a private matter between the two of them, and I know that they never intended that you find out.

I pick up that your mom and dad loved each other very much, and this is why they found a way to heal their relationship. Many times in a marriage, one or both partners will make a mistake. You should feel blessed to come from a family that understands forgiveness and the importance of love and commitment. The loving family of your memory truly did exist!


Dear Diane, 

I have an opportunity to get involved in a business venture with my nephew. He is a smart young man who just graduated from school with a degree in finance. He wants to open his own offices and have me be a silent partner. I would put up the initial funding for the first six months.

While I trust his honesty completely, this is a lot of money for me, almost everything I’ve saved toward retirement. I still have years left to work, but if this money is lost I will be in trouble.

If this situation makes money, I could retire a few years early and enjoy life like never before. I’ve been working hard all of my life, and I’m ready for some rest.

What are the chances of this being a good investment and him being successful? Do you see me retiring soon?

Ted W

Dear Ted,

I’m impressed that you would consider helping your nephew, but I don’t see this being a good idea. Your nephew is a smart man, but he’s not experienced in business. With experience comes wisdom, and he needs a few years working for someone else in order to gain vision and perspective.

Keep   your money “tied up” for now, and rest assured that you are doing the best thing for both of you. I see him opening his own business in about seven years, and at that time he will make the right choices.

I feel that you will work at least ten  more years, and will continue to work on a part time basis for a while after that. Don’t worry, as I see a happy retirement with lots of travel. Enjoy!


Dear Diane,

Can pets see ghosts? My cat seems to be looking at someone quite often, and sometimes even plays like someone invisible is teasing her. Yesterday she stood on her hind legs and swatted at something, It really looked like she was “involved” with someone. I’m not sure what to do.

L.G in Laredo

Dear L.G,

I’ve noticed my own cat playing like that, and yes, I believe that they see spirits.   Sometimes I’ll feel my spirit guides close by, and just at that moment my cat or dog will spring into action.

Animals have been known to react in both positive and negative ways to invisible visitors. People living in haunted properties describe rooms that their pets will not enter under any circumstances.

As your cat’s friend seems to be of the positive variety, there is no need to worry about it. Just enjoy the fact that kitty has an extra playmate!





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