Dear Diane Column — October 11, 2012

Dear Diane,

I’m coming into some money soon, as my uncle just passed away and left me some of his estate. He was a good guy, and he always talked to me about starting my own business someday, so that I could have a secure future. I get the feeling that this is what he intended this money for, but I’m just not the type to be a business owner.

I like what I’m doing, and I feel like my job is as secure as any. What I would really like to do is pay down my school loans and get myself a better car. The problem is that I feel really guilty about not doing what he would have wanted. If he wanted me to start a business, will I dishonor him by doing what I want with the money? Will he be disappointed in me? I’m just asking what kind of feeling you get from this. His name was Leo and his birthdate was  1-5-1943.


Dear Lee,

I’m sure that you miss your uncle very much, but it’s wonderful that he cared enough about you to talk to you about the future.  I pick up that your uncle had sort of a roller coaster life, so to him, security was hard to come by. His advice was based on his own life, not yours, and only you can decide what will bring you the most satisfaction in the future.

When a gift is given freely, there are no strings attached.  I sense that Uncle Leo was a kind and loving person, and that he understood that. Money is simply a measure for a type of power in this universe, and Leo wanted to give you the power to improve your life in whatever way works for you. You are lucky to have known such a generous soul, and I’m sure that you will remember him with love. Blessings!


Dear Diane,

My husband has a dream of opening a Bistro, and he has his mind set on doing it in the next couple of years.  While we both have a background in the restaurant business, I’m pretty conservative when it comes to our money.  Every year about a dozen people that we know open some kind of establishment, and most of them don’t survive.  My husband has an attitude that HE is smarter than the rest of them, and that if he’s in charge, there is no way we can fail.

I’ve worked myself to the bone in this life, and I’m scared that all of the money we’ve saved will end up flushed down the toilet. I know that if I put my foot down, I’ll never hear the end of it for stomping on his dream.  He says it’s “now or never,” because we’re still young enough to take the risk. I feel like screaming because the future that he’s risking belongs to me too.

If I give in to him, do you see him being successful? Are we going to end up losing everything? Is this the worst idea in the world? Help!


Dear Heather,

While I feel that your husband is gifted with enthusiasm and personality, it’s a fact that even the best eating establishments can fail unless managed with a structure that promotes consistency and quality.  While your guy is a very hard worker, he’s not a detail person.

I would encourage him to keep on dreaming up great ideas, as that is where his talents lie.  You, in the meantime, can help him out by putting the numbers and facts down on paper.  I sense that you are not yet ready to make the sizeable investment required to get started, and seeing this on paper will help him to realize that the timing is not right.

I see you both working for another five to seven years before you have enough money put aside to invest in a modest establishment. I see that if the two of you join forces, you can make your business grow. If he attempts the job without help, the outcome doesn’t look so good.  Start thinking about the details now, and let him keep planning the party. With the two of you working together, this could be a smashing success. Good luck!



Dear Diane, 

Am I crazy? Every now and then, a feather will seemingly appear out of nowhere in my path. It always gives me a feeling that someone in a higher place is looking out for me. I’m not sure if it is someone like my mom, or an angel, but I think it’s a sign. Do you think that they can send us signs like this?


Dear L.G,

Absolutely, I believe in signs! I hear so many stories from people about special signs from spirit that are meaningful.

Clients have mentioned feathers, pennies, stamps, butterflies, flowers, birds, stones , dragonflies and many other natural wonders  showing up when they needed a spiritual boost the most.

I remember a day soon after I had lost a dear friend. I was in the middle of a shopping center, next to a freeway.  I couldn’t see anything but concrete for miles, yet a beautiful yellow butterfly seemed to follow me down the walkway as I window shopped.  Suddenly , the lovely creature hovered in front of my face, as if looking directly at me. It landed on my cheek, right above my lip, and stayed there for a moment.  As quickly as it arrived, it lifted off and flew away.

I remember feeling that my friend had stopped by to say hello, and I’m still pretty sure that is what happened.  Signs from spirit are everywhere around us. Those of us who pay attention to them are blessed beyond measure.


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