Dear Diane Column — September 2, 2012

Dear Diane, 

I used to stay at my sister’s house every summer when I was young. She was out of high school and married by the time I was a toddler, so my mom would leave my brother and I with her and have a few weeks of vacation in July and August. It was something I looked forward to because we got to watch all of the workings of a farm, which was interesting.

Lately I’ve been dreaming about the farm a lot, and my sister, brother and mother, all passed, are there in the dream.  It doesn’t feel like a dream though, it feels real and as though they are actually sitting and talking to me.  I don’t remember seeing their lips moving, but I know what they are saying to me. I even play with Butch, who was my sister’s terrier. It seems so real that it’s like I’m actually spending time with them.

Does this mean that my time is coming soon? I’m not afraid to go home if it’s my time, but I enjoy many activities with different friends. I never married, but I have a wide social circle and still get out almost every day.  I’m  78 and so I could be here quite a while or go home  soon. Do you have a feeling about this?  I am just curious what you think.


Dear Ellie,

Your dreams sound wonderful, and I’m happy to hear that you feel so connected to your family. While a therapist might look at the symbolism of things like the farm and your role as a child of the family in this dream, I sense that you are asking about a much more spiritual experience , and so I will skip the analyses.

As a psychic I am blessed to make connections  every day on an energetic level, and I understand that the dream world you speak of is one of emotions, feelings and loving connection.  My personal take on things is that you are indeed connecting with the essence of your departed loved ones.  Visitation dreams have a quality that is much more linier than the normally fragmented world of monkeys on bikes with square wheels. A visitation feels like an actual gathering with the loving energy of the departed,  and if you believe that your family was with you, they likely were.

As for your question about the future, it is my sense that you still have things to accomplish here on this side. Consider the family “visits” a delightful reminder that someday, you will all be together.  It’s nice to know that they are with us always. Blessings!


Dear Diane,

I’m considering making some major life changes, and everyone is looking at me like I’m crazy.  When I was young I went to college and immediately got married, had children, and raised them. I worked for a number of years for my husband’s business, and it looks like we will be able to retire early.

While his idea of retirement is “not working,” I’ve always wanted to go back to school. It was my dream to be a teacher, and I’d love to get my certification.  I told him that when we sell the business,   I would like to explore this, but he says he’s worked hard and is ready to enjoy our being lazy together.  I feel like I’ve done my time being there for everyone, and it’s time for MY dream now. This is causing a rift in the family, and while my marriage comes first, I feel a bit cheated. Do you see that I’ll ever return to school? I don’t want to spend the second half of my life feeling resentful.


Dear Confused,

Far from being confused, you know exactly what you want, and I sense how important this is to you. The ideal solution would be for both you and your husband to have your dreams fulfilled, and this is really quite possible.

I see your business selling around 2015, so this gives you some time to put your educational plan into action. If you know what classes are necessary to your certification, you might start online studies now.  While your personal time may be cramped for a while, it will put you closer to your goal upon retirement.

You might plan to spend your first year of retirement fulfilling some of the things your husband has been dreaming about. I sense him wanting to travel, for instance, so enjoy some time together seeing the world, and think about the adventures that you’ve put off.

While your hubby looks forward to “not working,” I see that he has an active mind and will end up eventually starting another business from home.  Make it clear to him now how important your dream is, but also be clear that you are willing to take time out to enjoy his dreams. I see you teaching in about five years.

If the teaching bug is getting to you before then, you might think about substitute teaching. Many states will allow qualified people without certification to fill such positions. This will give you an opportunity to find out if the dream matches the reality. Good luck!


Dear Diane,

Can you tell me whether I will have children or not? I was born 11-21- 73, and I’ve always felt I’d be a mother, but the right situation has never come along. I know it’s not set in stone, but I want to know what you see. Thanks!


Dear Wanda,

I feel “loner” energy with you, meaning I don’t feel you socializing as much as a lot of people.  I see a man coming into your place of business who could be right for you. He is raising his two children by himself, and they would respond to you as though you were their own mother. The choice is yours, but  I suspect that a wonderful family could form from this. Blessings!


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