Dear Diane Column — September 26, 2012

Dear Diane,

How do you keep negative energy from affecting your life?  I’m writing for a friend that I’m worried about. She works at a funeral home and is often surrounded by people in a great deal of emotional pain. When she leaves work she is often depressed and sad, yet she says she just can’t seem to “shake it.” I think that she could be bringing home a lot of energy that is leaving her tired and sick. Is there a way I can tell her to protect herself so that this sort of thing doesn’t happen? I want to help her. Thanks!


Dear Ted,

You are absolutely correct in thinking that energy could be affecting your friend. As a psychic, I’ve learned to protect myself in those situations. Every morning, before leaving the house, I  visualize  the white light of spirit, the God light, entering the top of my head, filling and surrounding me with protective light. This visual form of prayer makes a strong division between my own energy and that which surrounds me.

It is also important for each of us to recognize the difference between our own feelings and someone else’s. As I pick up on so much emotion in my environment, I go through this on a daily basis. If you find yourself in a room feeling sad, you might ask yourself “what do I feel sad about?” If there is nothing that has happened to make you feel forlorn, the sadness could actually belong to someone else.  I spent many years experiencing emotions that ranged from depression to rage, never realizing that many of them had nothing to do with my experiences. Just realizing that a feeling does not belong to you can help you to release it. Good luck!


Dear Diane,

My brother passed away suddenly last year, and I’m still in so much pain. While my mom has dreamed about him, I’m still waiting for a sign that he’s ok. I have told him to do certain things, like blow out a candle or turn on the lights, and he hasn’t done it. I miss him so much, and while my heart knows that he’s in heaven, I feel cheated that I can’t feel him around me. His best friend said that he saw Michael in the hallway of their school, smiling, and that he looked happy. Why am I so blocked from seeing him? I’m hurting so much.


Dear Donna,

I’m so sorry for the loss of your brother. I wish that I could help to stop the pain, but healing is a process that takes time, and it’s different for each person.  While one person may have a spiritual experience around the time of a loved one’s death, others may have one months or years later, and the only thing that we can do is be open.

I notice that your Mom and Michael’s friend had very different experiences. Each of us is blessed with different gifts of perception, so no two visitations will be exactly the same.  One person may be good at connecting in dreams, while another may sense a soul’s energy.  The important thing is not to limit your own perceptions by giving out assignments such as “blow out the candle.” It is easy to miss the more subtle signs that are being sent , so allow Michael to express himself in whatever way he is able. Think about the wonderful times that you had with your brother, and allow yourself to be a part of that energy.

I feel a connection to a car in his passing, and a message to you to be careful while driving. I also see a ladybug, as though this is a sign for you.

Please continue healing and know that when the time is right, you will get the message that you are seeking. Again, I’m so sorry for your loss.


Dear Diane,

I was recently given a four leafed clover under glass. Do you believe in good luck charms? Does it make a difference if you carry it with you or keep it at home?


Dear J.E,

My answer is yes, in a way. I feel like certain objects remind us to take advantage of opportunities. A “lucky” object can remind us to take a risk we might normally not take.  My friend asked a girl out because he had his lucky penny in his pocket that day.  Things worked out well, and they are now a couple, but the real luck was in his having the courage to take a risk.

Good luck charms remind us that there are times when the energy of the world is on our side, so I think everyone should have a good luck charm or two.  Good luck!


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