Dear Diane — December 4, 2010

Dear Diane,

I really want to find out about reincarnation, but I tried hypnosis and it didn’t work. Is there some other way to find out? I have dreams sometimes about other countries, and I feel like I lived there before. How do I find out?


Dear Curious,

Dreams are one clue to the possibility of past lives, and there are many others. So many things that make up our energy don’t seem to have an explanation in this life.

Think about the particular likes and dislikes that you have. Sometimes, you will have strong feelings about something that has no basis in your present life experience. When I was a little girl, I would ask my parents to buy me a potter’s wheel, so that I could throw pottery. My parents didn’t even know what a potter’s wheel was for exactly, but somehow I knew that I had to have one. I could think of nothing more wonderful than running my tiny toddler hands over the smooth clay and creating a beautiful work of art. I can now look back and realize that perhaps I was remembering a past life.

My friend Oma was terrified of water from her earliest memory. Her mother had a terrible time giving her a bath, as Oma would scream as though being tortured. To this day, my friend has never gone swimming, and refuses to step foot on a boat. Again, I suspect a past life.

Whenever “instant” likes and dislikes occur, pay attention to the details involved. If you have an instant distrust of someone you meet, it could be the person’s name, the way they are dressed, or the situation in which you meet that upsets you. If none of these apply, perhaps that person’s energy is unpleasant because they remind you of someone untrustworthy. Sometimes there is no logical explanation involved in your feelings, so again, we can look at the possibility of a past life connection.

You might want to keep a journal, and ask yourself different questions. Is there a country or city that you have always disliked? Another friend of mine has hated Paris, France for as long as she can remember, yet she has no explanation for her reaction. She just knows that it makes her feel sick to think about it.

By paying attention to the reactions you have to things and people, as well as periods in history, you will start to have a few tools to work with as you attempt to unravel this mystery. Good luck!




Dear Diane,

I lost a very important set of papers, and I know that I didn’t throw them away. They were on my table, and I wouldn’t have moved them. I live alone, so I know they must be here. Do you pick anything up about where they are? This is a huge problem for me. Help!


Dear Midge,

My guides tell me that you and I are a lot alike. I see that you tend to do many different things at once, never giving yourself a moment to “chill.” Losing these papers is calling attention to a bigger problem, and the time to pay attention is now.

Combining tasks may seem to save time, but in this case, it has taken up more time than it saved. I see you picking up a stack of papers, magazines or catalogues, and placing them in some kind of a basket. The feeling I have is that this is a sort of “I’ll do it later” basket. When you picked up the stack, you also picked up the missing papers. They should still be there.

Try slowing down a bit, so that you have a conscious memory of each task you perform. When you get things confused, call on your guides and angels. Mine have helped me out countless times, most recently on a set of lost keys. I’m learning to stop, smell the roses, and thank my guides!



Dear Diane, 

I had a teacher this semester who was very difficult to deal with. She taught information that was not in the curriculum, and some of what she said turned out to be incorrect. I go to a small two year school, but I don’t feel this teacher was a good enough instructor to even be there. I know that the other students felt mad about her. I might get her next semester, so what do I do?


Dear Lea,

It sounds like you have every reason to complain. I pick up that this teacher does not usually teach this material, and she picked up your class because she needed the money.

You are paying for an education, so you must stand up for yourself. Talk to those in charge of your degree plan, and request another instructor next semester. If you can enlist other students in your protest, talk to administration about the problems with this teacher, and be specific. I see you doing well on the rest of your educational journey!


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