Dear Diane — February 12, 2011

Dear Diane,

When I was in college, my parents split up and they gave my dog Sasha to a friend of theirs. I was really upset, as they didn’t realize how much I loved her. I think about her even after eight years, and say prayers for her. Last week I had a dream that she ran up to me and started kissing me and jumping all over me. It was very real, and my friend said that maybe she’s in spirit and came to visit. Do animals go to heaven? Can they visit us? Was that Sasha?


Dear L.G, 

I absolutely believe that Sasha came to visit you. Many times in my life I’ve had visits from pets who have crossed over. Some visits are in dreams, others more physical. When my dog Sam passed, I would often see him wagging his tail out of the corner of my eye. I have physically felt these departed pets, and I have heard them. I am thankful every day for the miracle of knowing they are still with me in spirit.

I pick up that Sasha lived a happy life, but has never forgotten the bond you two shared. How wonderful that she was able to make a connection with you. Love never dies, as Sasha knows all too well. I have no doubt that you will be together again!



Dear Diane,

My husband told me he cheated on me after seventeen years, and we are separated. He made a choice to ignore our vows, and I’m angry. If I let him come back, how do I trust him? He wants to go to a counselor, but that won’t change the past. He was born 11-21-63, I was born 6-16-67.


Dear Lisa,

This is a complex question. Every marriage is different. There are people who cheat as a habit, with no respect for the marriage, but your husband isn’t one of these people. With habitual cheating, there is little to be done to save the relationship. I pick up that your spouse has a strong need for physical affection, as well as a wonderful sense of family. His love for you has not changed, but he made a serious mistake that I feel he regrets. While this can’t be taken back, perhaps a counselor could help you to move forward together.

Relationships don’t usually change overnight, but instead slowly crumble without constant care. I pick up a period of depression in your life that has affected the communication in your marriage. For several years there has not been the physical and emotional bond that initially united the two of you. This doesn’t mean the love isn’t there, simply that it’s been in hiding.

If you feel a reconciliation is possible, I suggest picking a counselor who makes you feel comfortable. A good therapist will see both sides of the situation, and will help you move forward. If you wish to move on alone, a counselor can help you to start your life in a new direction. The relationship between you and your husband will never be the same, but it can become stronger. Don’t give up without a fight!



Dear Diane, 

How can I improve my luck? How can I win bingo or the lottery? I need money bad and I’m having bad luck. I played the slots and I lost money. Is there a curse on me?


 Dear Elizabeth,

There are different kinds of luck. Some people seem to win more than others. Remember that while someone eventually wins the lottery, several hundred million people lose. If someone wins at bingo, dozens of people lose. While it would be fun to be that one winner, most of us will lose at games of chance. There are ways however, to improve your luck.

Pay attention to the numbers that keep repeating in your life. If you see the number 43 all around you, that’s a good number to play. Look for patterns in your life. If you are on a seeming lucky streak, that’s the best time to buy a ticket. Remember the lottery is a dollar worth of fun, and expect no more.

Another type of luck is where opportunity meets preparation. A fantastic job could come your way, but it will be your experience that seals the deal! Keep your eyes open for opportunities. They pass us every day, but so often we don’t notice. Good luck!


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