Dear Diane—July 31, 2010

Dear Diane,

I have had so many readings about my marriage, and every psychic I talk to is wrong. I truly want guidance, but I have no idea where to turn. How do I tell a real psychic from a fake? I need to know if my husband is faithful.

C.W., Houston, Texas

Hi C.W.

There is more than one issue here, so let’s start with the question about psychics. There are many types of readers with differing levels of accuracy. If you walk into a reading parlor with a neon sign on the door, consider this a fortune telling session for entertainment only.

If someone tells you that your life is unhappy due to a curse that must be lifted—run! This is the oldest scam in the book.

That said, consider what you want to achieve from a psychic reading. If you want absolute proof of someone’s infidelity, you might be better off hiring a private detective.

A good intuitive should be able to quickly tap into the issues surrounding your life and offer direction and guidance. An excellent reader will pick up on key information without prompting from you. An honest psychic will encourage you to empower yourself, relying on occasional readings only as a guide.

Finding a great reader can be as simple as asking around. Most large cities will have Metaphysical bookstores where staff can offer recommendations. Ask for more than one name, and don’t be afraid to make a few calls. Not every reader is the right match for every client. Ask the readers who they go to when they need a reading. You may hear the same names over and over.

Local spiritual centers like the A.R.E. are good places for referrals, as they will tend to endorse readers who are ethical and gifted. You may even hear about a positive psychic experience from a friend or family member.

Just remember to be open to all possibilities once you find a gifted intuitive. You stated that every psychic you met was wrong. Be honest with yourself, as the answers may simply disagree with what you hope to hear. No reader will be correct every time, but an ethical reader will give you the truth as they see it, whether you like the answer or not.

As for your marriage, your trust issues will not be resolved without real effort to connect with your husband again. If you wish to know his true feelings, ask him. The answers will surprise you. Listen not only to his words but to his heart. I have a good feeling about this!



Dear Diane,

The oil spills in the ocean have me so upset, I can’t sleep. I spend most of the night thinking about the birds and fish and animals. I see them covered with oil, with no one to help them. What do you do when something bad like this happens and you can’t make it stop? I cry all the time.



Dear Connie,

So many people are have been affected by this tragic event, and most of us feel powerless to stop it. A wise friend made a point to me recently. Billions of people the world over are all projecting the same thoughts:

“Our oceans are ruined. Our planet is dying. We are helpless to stop it. This is only the tip of the iceberg.”

With negative energy like this projected at the situation, it is no surprise that we are seemingly stuck in this nightmare.

Tonight, Connie, instead of thinking painful, negative and fearful thoughts, imagine positive, loving energy being sent to these animals. Send thoughts of healing to every drop of water on this planet. Play a movie in your mind of a healthy sea filled with a thriving ecology. See yourself reading a paper headlined “Ocean Healthy!” Continue sending positive energy until you fall into a blissful sleep. Don’t forget to ask your friends to join in!

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