Dear Diane — March 12, 2011

Dear Diane,

I have been in love with my boss for years. He’s kind, respectful, very generous, smart, and funny. Unfortunately, he’s married. I can’t help thinking that he and I are supposed to be together. He’d never cheat on his wife, but he’s told me that he wishes he’d known me when he was younger. I get the feeling that he’s not happy in his marriage. Do you see him ever leaving his wife? Are we supposed to be together? When we work together, it’s almost like I can read his mind. I know that I sound like a cliché, but I’m crazy about this man. Is there hope?


Dear Melanie,

I feel for your situation. There is a lot here that is karmic. I see several past lives which connect the two of you. Unfortunately, romance isn’t currently in the cards.
While his marriage does feel a bit flat, I see him staying married to this woman for many years to come. What this man can offer you is friendship, and you must also be a friend to yourself.
If you can accept this relationship’s limitations, you can continue to have a valued friend and boss.
I suspect however, that you may need to seek new employment in order to get perspective on this situation. While your boss gives you respect and kindness, you also deserve affection and partnership, things which he cannot give to you. There is a partner in your future, and I feel a wonderful and joyous life together. One way or another, you must accept your boss’s situation and open yourself to finding a complete relationship. You could meet this person by September, so be open to the possibility. Good luck!



Dear Diane,

I am writing because I’m worried about my husband. He’s been self employed for about 5 years and business is good, but I’m afraid it’s getting too stressful for him. Lately he’s been sleeping more than usual, gets painful headaches often, seems depressed, and is always worried about business. I know running your own business can be stressful, but it’s changing him in a way that I don’t like. Do you see any changes for him, or different career paths he should take? I feel as though he wants something new, just feels stuck in what he’s doing. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Lauren, Houston

Dear Lauren,

While I see that your husband has a talent for business, he also sees the economy fearfully. There is a feeling that no matter how hard he tries, he could still lose everything.
You are right in seeing that this could affect his health negatively. He needs a rest, but you will have to push hard to get him to see that. If you can get him to delegate even a small percentage of his work, it will make a difference.
Now is the time to make a strong approach to him, as I don’t see him dropping the business right away. With his blood pressure issues, it is most important that he release some stress. See if you can get him to take a meditation class, or even a yoga class. Make sure he’s getting enough water, as he seems dehydrated. Remember he loves you deeply, and play that card. Success is very hollow without your health and loved ones to enjoy it.



Dear Diane,

My current job is starting layoffs, and I’m afraid of being let go. I’ve been with the company for several years, but with changes in management, many of the people who know me are gone. Do you see me staying with this job? Should I start looking now?

L. B.

Dear L.B.

I feel like a sizeable number of people will be let go, and some will quickly be brought back.
Your job looks safe this year, but you may run into more questions in a couple of years. My advice is to be aware of what is going on in your industry, so that you will not be caught by surprise.
Although many of your friends are gone, I still see people in high places who admire the work you do. Good luck!

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