Dear Diane — November 20, 2010

Dear Diane,

My girlfriend and I have separated yet again, and after 3 years, I’m fed up with her friends. I love this woman, but her friends have to go. I know for a fact that they dislike me, so I don’t think they’re a good influence on her. Things go well with us, and she seems happy about us having a future. Then they talk to her, and she says she’s “confused.” I want to marry her, but only if she’ll get rid of these “problem children” once and for all. How do I get her to put me first? I was born 8-11-1990.

Tired of This

Dear Tired,

I understand your frustration, but this is a great opportunity to learn some lessons that will help you in the future. You have an extremely intense and powerful energy, and I see a lot of financial success in your future. Your certainty and determination will take you far in the business world.
Your love life, however, needs a softer energy. What works in the boardroom can flop in the bedroom. I’m assuming that your lady is close to your age, so there is plenty of time for marriage in the future. Right now, just focus on the relationship. It sounds as though you want her to choose between you and her friends, as you will not allow her both. If you demand that she choose, I see her choosing her friends.
Have you asked her why her friends have mixed feelings? Sometimes friends will see a boyfriend’s “demands” as controlling. It sounds like you know how YOU want things to be, so listen to your girlfriend. Find out what she thinks the future should hold. If there are qualities in her friends that concern you, talk to her and really listen. She is an adult and deserves the right to sort things out in her own way.
I feel the two of you have a strong spiritual connection, and are meant to learn some important lessons together. Good luck!

Dear Diane, 

I’m getting really worried about finding a job, as I’ve been out of work for several months. I’ve got some savings, but not enough to last too much longer. I’m trying to stay positive, but I send out lots of inquiries, with no luck. Please tell me that I’m getting a job soon!


Dear Barbara,

So many people are unemployed at this time, and I know things look dicey. For many people though, this cloud has a silver lining.

While you didn’t mention your career path, I sense a strong creative energy from you. Have you thought about starting a business of your own? The internet provides a way for businesses to start up on a shoestring. I also feel a friend or family member could be of help. While money can be slow coming to a fledgling business, every dollar counts! I have a positive feeling about this.

As to outside work, I see an offer coming to you in February. While not the job of your dreams, it will provide much needed temporary income. In about a year, I see you back on easy street!



Dear Diane, 

My son is three years old, and he talks about “when I was a big man.” He also talks about “going to “Grandpa’s” on a horse. He talks about “Ed.” This is making my husband crazy, as he thinks I’m encouraging our son to lie. What should I do?


Dear Baytown, 

I get so many letters from parents of sensitive children, and your son would seem to be remembering a previous life. I don’t blame your husband for his confusion, as not all of us connect with the past in that way.

As long as your boy wants to talk about these things, you might as well ask some questions. The answers might help him later in his life. Did Ed have a last name? Was he Ed? Where and when did he live? The information may help to confirm facts that can later be documented. Allow your son to talk, as most children forget these memories by the time they reach school age.

You might also pick up some books about children and past life recall. There are studies by Dr. Ian Stevenson, Carol Bowman and others. Your son sounds very interesting!


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