Dear Diane — November 6, 2010

Dear Diane,

My nephew is 23 years old, and he still does not have a girlfriend. I’m very concerned, as this is not normal. He was born 7-16-1987, and he spends a lot of time by himself.  I’ve tried to get his mother involved in finding him someone, but she doesn’t seem concerned. What can I do to help him have a more normal life? Do you pick up psychic energy about him that is strange?


Dear LaDonna,

While it is nice for you to be concerned about this young man, I pick up that he is extremely private. You don’t know the entire story on his personal life, and neither does his mother. He’s bright, sensitive and a bit shy, and he will not respond well if you interfere.
There is already someone he’s interested in, but he needs to go at his own pace. You can help by reminding him of what a special person he is. We all need a confidence boost at times, and your positive feedback will mean a lot.
Give him space to discover the world in his own special way. I see a wonderful partner in his future, so there is no need to worry!




Dear Diane,

I saw the movie “Hereafter,” which had a character who was psychic. I was wondering if you saw it, and what you felt about the way the film portrayed psychics? Do you think it was accurate? Thanks!


Dear Dawn,

I did see the movie, and while it wasn’t perfect, it had some wonderful observations about what it’s like to be a sensitive.
The main character has problems with people seeing him as a psychic first, and a person second.
On a date, he explains that he would rather get to know his date in the “normal” way, instead of “reading” her. It’s true that if a sensitive wants a relationship that is on an even playing field, they will not cross the line into using psychic ability to steer the relationship. Getting to know someone the “regular” way is much more fun!
I also enjoyed the depictions of many different types of “readers.” As with any profession, you will find people who are well intentioned, yet lousy at what they do. You will also find that occasional reader who redefines what is possible in this universe. I’ve been lucky to have met some truly gifted psychics. I’ve also met some very poor ones. In the end, that’s true of just about every variety of work!




Dear Diane,

I live with my daughter and her 8 year old twin girls.  My bedroom is upstairs next to theirs and unfortunately during the past three to four months, both have been waking during the night due to frightening dreams. Some are nightmares about sharks (after we dined at The Aquarium) and some are nightmares about being attacked by monkey’s (after a trip to the zoo). Lately, dreams are related to Halloween goblin types that they see advertised everywhere. Tis the season! Their TV viewing consists of pre-recorded channel 8 kid programs as PBS does not have scary commercials.

We play soft music in the house an hour prior to sleep, speak softly and lovingly; never chastising them for being frightened, read only happy bedtime stories, then play Scottish lullaby songs as their sleep music. Long story short, they still awake nightly within hours after falling asleep, and one or both come to my bedroom to get protection from monsters. Naturally, I’m sleep deprived. Do you have any suggestions that might help these little ones become less fearful after they have fallen asleep?

Nonni to the Twins

Dear Nonni,

You really are on top of things! Music, fragrance and happy stories are definitely a first line of defense! Lavender oil is soothing to many, as is chamomile.
I pick up that both of these children are highly sensitive, with one being extraordinarily so. They pick up information during the day that most of us would miss, and I’m sensing fear and instability. Encourage the twins to talk about anything they wish. Listen carefully, as the energy tells me that they are having trouble “trusting” the world. The monsters in the night may represent fears arising from daytime worries.
Anything you can give these children to feel in control of the night creatures will help. One good solution is to give them cans of Lavender room spray as “anti- monster” spray. A simple spray bottle with colored water will do well also. Any nightly ritual prayer of safety is also   powerful.
You have extremely special grandchildren, and with your help, I see them outgrowing this problem. Good luck!


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