Dear Diane — October 23, 2010

Dear Diane,

I’ve been a great wife and mother for a very long time, but our children have lives of their own now, and I feel really disconnected to everything. My husband and I travel and talk about work, but I don’t get a “zing” out of life the way I used to. I feel I have no right to complain, as my family is healthy and we can pay our bills. My sister thinks I’m depressed, but I don’t want to go on medication. How can I get to feeling better?

Lost Horizons

Dear Lost Horizons,

Your signature says it all! You express yourself well, and I see that you have indeed lost sight of the next horizon. The good news is, the best is yet to come for you! I’m not surprised at your depression, as you have gained so much wisdom and insight in your life, and now you need a new direction in which to channel it.

I pick up that you married very young and missed out on some educational opportunities. While returning to college is not necessary, it may open you to ideas you have not considered for yourself. Your wisdom and life experience could make you a wonderful counselor or teacher, and I feel you have a talent for writing.

Everyone hopes to be appreciated for the special qualities they possess. You have so many abilities, and now is the time to recognize them. Age and wisdom will give you an edge over younger folks just starting out, so don’t waste this opportunity.

Talk to your friends and family, and ask them what they see as your strengths. You may need fresh eyes to see yourself clearly, but you should soon be back on track. We will all be the luckier for it. Don’t doubt yourself, as this is your time to bloom.



Dear Diane,

I have had lots of pets in my life. They always loved me and never let me down. My little dog just passed away and I miss her so much. I keep her ashes next to my bed.

My pastor says that animals do not have souls. I think she is wrong. God made all of us. Do you believe animals go to heaven?


Dear Monique,

I’m so very sorry for the loss of your sweet baby, and know all too well the pain you must be in. Animals have always been a very big part of my life, and I count them among my best friends.

I’m lucky to be psychic, as I’ve had experiences that have allowed me to “see” my animal companions after their deaths. I have heard, seen, and felt these friends in the days following their transitions, so I assure you from experience that they indeed survive.

When I think of what a perfect heaven would be like for me, it would have to include animals. For those of us who feel that way, what else could be so heavenly? I imagine that as we vibrate in the frequency of loving animals, we will find them among us when our time comes. A number of cases in  near death studies have cited the sound of joyous meows and barks coming from a source of  brilliant white light. How wonderful it will be to see ALL of our friends!



Dear Diane,

My son wants a career in professional sports. His grades are barely average, but he insists that he will not need a college degree, as he will be extremely wealthy. I’m not sure what to do. I buckle down on him, and still his grades are barely acceptable. He’s a talented basketball player, but he’s not real tall. I want him to be a success at whatever he does, and I’m afraid he is setting himself up for failure.


Dear L.S.,

I pick up kind and loving energy from your son, so be proud of raising such a fantastic young man. I feel his dream of sports stardom is a dream he holds onto because he doesn’t see many other possibilities for success.

While he considers himself a bit “slow” compared to his classmates, he is actually quite witty and highly intelligent. I feel he may have a slight learning disability in the form of dyslexia, which makes math and reading more difficult. With help from a qualified tutor, he can catch up with classmates. Contact his school about recommendations on testing procedures.

Believe it or not, I see college in his future. This boy’s gifts are just starting to open up. With your help he will not only be successful, but a great human being as well. If given the chance, he will help many people. Good Luck!


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