Dear Diane — October 9, 2010

Dear Diane, 

I lost my husband to suicide eight years ago, and I find myself feeling very alone. Every morning seems like the last one, with little to look forward to now. I know he was troubled, but it took me by surprise. I keep thinking I should have known that he was in that bad a shape. I don’t know if I can keep living like this. I guess I just need some insight. I still love Michael, and I know it wasn’t his thought to hurt me.


Dear Trish,

I feel deep sadness for your situation, and entirely too many people suffer this pain. I’m glad to know that you realize this was about Michael’s problems. I pick up that he never would have put you through such agony had he not felt lost and out of control. He was thinking only of himself, and his thoughts were about letting go of his own pain.

Suicide is an essentially selfish act, and it’s okay to be mad at your husband. I’m sure that a part of you feels angry at him for stealing your joy and your dreams of a future together. He left you to pick up your life and go on, something he was not strong enough to do. If you feel like yelling, just let it out.

Trish, you have suffered alone for so many years, and it’s time to share your journey. A good therapist can help you to put the puzzle together, but more than that, you need to join the human race again. Look for a support group of people who have been through suicide issues. Sharing and talking with people who understand is an important step in healing. I pick up that you have isolated yourself from well meaning friends, so it’s time to reach out and accept love again.

I see a period of intense healing going on for you for the next year or so. There is so much joy ahead of you, so stay strong. Please keep in touch, as I care.



Dear Diane,

Can you tell me the difference between an imprint of energy and an actual ghost or spirit? I see shadows in the house sometimes, and I pray to St. Michael to protect my home from energies that should not be there. Are there other things I can do to keep light in my home? Thank you—you are always an inspiration.


Dear Helena,

It sounds like you have things under control! Prayer is the best thing I know of to keep darker energies at bay.

Spirits have a reactionary intelligence, meaning they are alive in a sense, with an awareness of interacting with you. An object or building, though, will hold energy memories of the past, and sometimes that vibration is unpleasant. While the “memory “of a violent action may stay with a home, for example, that memory is a feeling, as opposed to a specific personality. It has no intent of it s own, but feeling the energy is uncomfortable. Native Americans burned sage as a way of improving vibration, and stick sage is available at most Metaphysical stores.

As for attracting spirits to your home, remember that like attracts like. A home filled with chaos and anger can invite entities with the same level of energy. Claim your space, and make it your own. A house filled with prayer is wonderful, and surrounding yourself with objects that bring you joy will help to brighten the environment. Remember to actively invite positive energy into your home, and keep items about that you connect with spiritually.

Thank you,   Helena, for inspiring us with a great question.



Dear Diane,

My car was in the parking lot at work, and I went outside after work to find my car keyed on both sides. My first thought was of a man that I work with. We don’t get along, and I think he is threatened by me. Am I right?


Dear D.L.,

I know what you mean about the fellow in your office. He feels kind of nasty, but he is innocent of keying your car.

I pick up a lady with shoulder length brown hair, and your boyfriend used to be involved with her. I get a name like “Sarah” or “Sheila,” and I see her as being jealous and a bit unhinged. He already suspects that it was her, and has handled the situation. I don’t feel she’ll be bothering you again.


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