Dear Diane — September 11, 2010

Dear Diane,

I’ve been involved for several months with a wonderful man. He’s kind, affectionate and loyal, and he makes me feel like a queen. I have never felt as excited about someone as I do him. I recently found out that he is married, and his wife is pregnant. I was hurt, but he says that he doesn’t love her and that he’s only staying with her because of the baby.

Is he telling me the truth? Do you see him divorcing her so that we can be together? He says that the angels sent me to him. I truly love this man.


Dear Sherri,

I know this will hurt, but I’m going to be blunt. Angels do not send people to break up marriages and ruin children’s lives. This man has a history of cheating on his spouse, and you are only his current plaything. He has never been faithful to anyone, and you need to stop taking his calls.

If you have a friend that you trust, ask them to help you stay clear of this man. Make a list of the facts to keep with you at all times. He’s married, he’s a father, he lies, he cheats, and he uses people. I’m sure that you can add things to that list.

Do not mistake someone’s charm for love. A man who loves you will think of your happiness as well as his own. Do not expect a man to “fix everything” in your life, as you must find your own joy before you share it with someone.

In about a year, I see a good man coming into your life through your work. Keep your eyes open, and don’t pass him by. Good luck!


Dear Diane,

My friend and I are thinking of starting a business together. I was born 7-26-77, and she was born 1-11-82. Do you see us being successful? Is she a good person to work with? Will we make money together?

D.B., Atlanta

Dear D.B.,

How excited you must be about working together! I pick up a solid friendship, but be careful to honor that friendship by setting down some rules up front.

You feel like an “alpha” energy, and I see that you can have a temper. If the two of you are truly partners, “bossiness” won’t work.

Your friend is quite ambitious, and while she looks forward to working with you, I see her energy pulled towards several projects at the same time.

The two of you should discuss your expectations of each other before you move forward on this. Decide which duties will fall to each of you, and put this down on paper. On a happy note, I see excellent money energy around both of you. The future looks bright!



Dear Diane,

I have a wonderful marriage, but last year my husband’s sister dropped out of school and moved in with us. I know he loves her, but “Krista” does nothing but stay in bed all day and watch TV. I think he should tell her that she has to get a job, but I’m afraid to start problems. They grew up in an abusive family, and he has always protected her.

What can I do?


Dear Lost,

It’s fantastic that you support your husband’s feelings, but you need to share your concerns with him. The situation in your house is not healthy, and only you seem to see it clearly.

Your husband grew up in constant chaos, and for the first time in his life, he feels happy and safe. His wish for Krista to feel that peace is easy to understand.

Krista appears to be extremely depressed, and without professional help, she could lose her footing in life before she really gets started.

When you speak to your husband, put emphasis on your desire to help his sister. Let him see things from your point of view, then let it go for a few weeks. Give him a chance to handle this, as I feel he loves you both very much. They are lucky to have you!



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