Dear Diane — September 25, 2010

Dear Diane, 

I have recently had major surgery. I felt great at first. (I think it might have been the pain pills) and now I don’t feel so good. Is there something wrong?

I am tired of feeling bad. Thank you.  J.W.

Dear J.W., 

I’m glad to hear you are on the mend! I pick up that you can be a bit impatient sometimes about “getting the show on the road.” The frustration you feel is normal, as healing takes place on many levels.

Most illnesses have an obstructive pattern that has weakened the energy body and allowed problems to manifest. When an illness is mended via surgery, the energy body must continue to heal and this can require releasing certain emotions and thought patterns. Some people simply go through the process more quickly.

Be kind to yourself and allow the healing to unfold. Your body is ready to follow your mind, so stay positive! If the pain continues, see your doctor. I wish you happy healing.

Dear Diane,

I have the neighbor from hell. This woman complains about everything. She claims to hear our dog bark (we don’t have a dog). She rakes up leaves and puts them in our yard, claiming they came from our trees. When our cat sits on her driveway, she comes out and yells at him. She loves to complain about our kids. This woman used to be practically invisible, but for the last year or so she makes it a point to gripe about something constantly. How can we get her to move?

Annoyed Neighbor


Dear Neighbor,

I sense this woman is severely depressed. I feel a loss of love in her life just over a year ago, and she is extremely lonely. Her anger at the world is being funneled in your direction, and if you meet it with rage, a war will erupt.

As difficult as she seems, try and be understanding. Her complaints are a challenge to the world to “prove” that anyone cares about her, and she can only learn to do better if someone is willing to help her. When leaves start to fall this year, ask her if you can help out by raking her yard. Perhaps one of your kids can help with weeding her garden.

Meeting her complaints with compassion will not be easy, but I know you are up to the task. I see things improving slightly by the end of the year.

On a brighter note, I see a move for you and your family within two years. You will love the neighborhood and the neighbors!




Dear Diane,

I’ve been working for the same company for several years, and while the money is acceptable, I’m really bored. A friend of mine has started his own company, and seems to be doing well. He wants me to come to work for him in outside sales, but it feels very risky. I’ve always worked in an office environment. Is this a smart move?

David P.

Dear David,

For you, a change is what the doctor ordered! I encourage everyone to be grateful for employment, but in your case it’s time to pass the torch to some other lucky job seeker.

I see you being wildly successful in sales, and this will change the way you see yourself. Lack of confidence has kept you from growing in many areas of your life. This opportunity will help you to realize how gifted you are.

Your friend sees so much ability in you, and he knows he’ll be lucky to have you on board. David, it’s time to celebrate!


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