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Diane Gremmel
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by Blaine on Diane Gremmel
Absolutely awesome!


Thank you so much for the excellent reading and the book!
Your gift is so profound and genuine! I have so much more clarity and understanding of my path and gifts!

Peace & Love


by Nicole on Diane Gremmel
Accurate, Kind, and Professional

I had gifted my mother a reading with Diana, for her birthday. I tagged along for the experience and it will be something my mother and I will always remember. We were able to get through to relatives we were hoping to and received many reassuring and memorable messages from them. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical and was only along to support my mom, but Diane completely changed my mind after that experience. Thank you Diane for providing my mom with a wonderful birthday gift, and a day her and I will never forget!

by Georgia Villarreal on Diane Gremmel
Diane saved me

I lost my soul mate out of the blue, months ago.
And as time went on I got more and more depressed.
I prayed to God to send me someone to help me. And
When I got on the phone and went to the Internet.
Dianes website popped up on its own. I read it and right away made an appointment. When I got there I acted like I was all happy as I didn't want to give her any clues, but she knew. She told me right off that my husband was here with us. She knew things that only my husband and I knew. She was wonderful , and if you want help, this lady can help. Thank you so much Diane for everything you do for us!

by Reed on Diane Gremmel

I had a reading done by Diane and she was on point in describing the characteristics and personality of my children. She was on point about my career and my career goals.
I'm so excited and look forward to seeing if her reading about my future and my children future are accurate.
Diane is very inviting and welcomes all and any questions u may have. I know I will visit her again in the future

by Stacey on Diane Gremmel

I have to admit, I was very skeptical of this whole psychic reading thing at first. Even cancelled & rescheduled my appointment. But, within the first 2 sentences, Diane made a believer out of me. There's no way she could have known to bring that topic up, and it was the one weighing most heavily on my heart. Thanks, Diane!

by Bruce K. on Diane Gremmel
Via Yelp

I have received excellent readings from Diane. She has made several incredible specific future predictions for me that came true. These were predictions that would have been impossible without true psychic ability. Diane is the real deal. So much so that she may not tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear.

by Cory and Ashley C. on Diane Gremmel
Via Yelp

I simply can't say enough good things about Diane. After reading the negative review, it's just difficult to believe that the person was ever truly open to the reading. That's the things about speaking with Mediums - you must be available to be read, and allow yourself to relax and open up emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Both my husband and myself had a reading from Diane - me a few weeks prior. He was very skeptical, but definitely believed in the gift. I went in with a very open mind, not sure what was going to come through. In the beginning of the call, Diane makes it very clear that she is essentially playing a game of charades, so she is shown pictures, worlds, sounds, names, etc. She immediately picked up on someone, a friend of mine's brother; then before I could even say who it was that I hoped to speak with, she said her name. It's not a common name either, and we weren't even related. Believe me, I scoured the internet before my reading in search of ANYTHING that could have been used in the call. I found very little, but definitely nothing that could have been used. At first, I was very reserved with my answers, not wanting to give too much away,and still a bit apprehensive. However, within a few minutes, Diane had already told me things that she would have NEVER known, had my loved ones not been sitting with her. She is the real deal, and she loves what she does.

After letting my husband listen to my call, I talked him into getting one himself. (He was raised in an extremely religious household and was always taught to stay away from this type of things. As he's grown up, though, he's developed his own beliefs, but his was still in the back of his mind.) As the call approached, he began to feel very nervous, wondering if it would be a waste of time or money. 9:00pm rolls around and he's dialing in. When Diane answered, I saw his face relax, and he was immediately warmer. She has a way of making you feel okay - like you're talking to someone you've known for years. It's very difficult to not get attached to chatting with her! Anyways, BOOM, right off the bat, she mentioned that my husband was a curriculum man and that he would be making a major decision in the next year regarding a change of direction in his field. That's amazing because he is a teacher and had JUST completed his principal certification, hoping to move into administration. The next thing she mentioned was his grandma, who is exactly the person he was hoping to connect with. Then his great aunt, and finally his grandfather. She mentioned that they know about our 5 month old son. She mentioned things that only he and I knew. What made him nearly lose it, crying very hard, was when she mentioned something that his grandparents had told only him - I didn't even know about this. He was truly blown away and spent the rest of the night just assessing what had been said to him. He seems lighter now. He seems free of anything that was once weighing him down. We can't thank Diane enough for this.

I cannot express just now grateful I am that we found Diane. She has truly changed our lives, especially my husbands, with the amazing answers she gave us. My suggestion to all, takes many notes, and record the phone call if you can. You will want to listen later when the adrenaline and emotion have died off - we have listened to each of our calls a couple of times and get something new out of it every time. I would, and do, recommend Diane to all of my friends and family.

by K A. on Diane Gremmel
Via Yelp

I had the opportunity to meet with Diane last year and must honestly say she provided the closure and clarity I've been needing for many years. Diane is a spiritually grounded and guided Psychic with a wonderful personality.

I initially went to her with my heart sold on wanting to know more in depth about my family who has passed away. Upon getting into her meeting room I became hesitant and chose not to express my true intent for coming. She felt I wanted to know more about my family, surprised she knew this I agreed.

Without asking me Diane knew names, dates, location, causes of deaths and little things that only myself and the deceased loved one would know. My heart still beats fast when I think back on the experience.

I highly recommend Diane and will definitely go back to see her in the near future.

by Lois B. on Diane Gremmel
Via Yelp

Diane did a reading for me and it was right on the mark. It gave me so much comfort and peace. She is a sensitive and caring person. Her ability to channel the souls who have passed is remarkable. I highly recommend her services.

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