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Diane Gremmel is available for readings both in person and via telephone. All in-person readings are done at the office at 2825 Wilcrest Dr, Suite 572, Houston, TX, 77042. Readings are done by appointment only, and making an appointment is as easy as going to the calendar page on this site. Telephone readings will be invoiced via PayPal in advance of the actual reading. In-person readings may be paid at the time of service, or if the client wishes to pay via CC, an invoice will be sent in advance. No CC payments will be taken at the time of service for in-person appointments. The current cost to book an appointment is $100 per half hour, $200 per hour. Thank You!

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As a psychic and a medium, I receive information in several ways. When speaking to a client over the phone, I connect with the sound vibration of their voice, receiving feelings, images, and words almost immediately. When I sit with a client in my office, I tune into the energetic field surrounding the individual. I do this with the help of spirit guides, and clients tell me that both methods seem very accurate.

When receiving a reading by a psychic or medium, you should expect information to come through that is both clear and evidential. I may pick up names and dates correctly for one client, while for another, the data may relate to emotional relationships with those on the other side. It is slightly different for each client. With any reading by a psychic, you have the right to expect helpful, useful, and accurate information to come through.

A psychic is someone who can connect with your energy through the process of using the right side of their brain. They are able to intuit information about events in the past, present, and future. A good psychic will be able to tap into your energy field and give you useful advice and direction without asking too many questions.

Mediums are also psychic, but they have the added gift of connecting with energy that is in spirit. Most of us walk through life unaware that there are loved ones connecting with us who are no longer in their physical bodies. While the body is gone, the essence of the energy remains. A good medium will be able to give you solid and verifiable details about the character, personality, and habits of a loved one who has been gone for many years. Messages often come through that point to our deceased loved ones’ continued involvement in our lives.

Many psychics and mediums work well with “psychometry,” which involves picking up energy by holding an object or photo connected to either a living or deceased person. Sometimes, this can be a very helpful tool, so if you are coming for a relationship-centered reading, please feel free to bring whatever you would like.

I can never promise that a particular soul will be in communication on a given day. I simply pray that whatever information is helpful for the client comes through. I am simply a “radio receiver” and can only repeat what is broadcast to me. Sometimes, a client may come hoping to talk about her job, but instead, ‘MOM” comes through. Someone else might hope to speak to their father, but their sister comes through first. If you are hoping to connect with a departed loved one, it always helps if you can say a prayer before the meeting and invite your loved ones to visit.

I am happy to have you record your session. Often, information makes more sense when you listen a second time to the reading.

Usually, I will simply ask you your first name and begin talking. You are always welcome to ask questions at any time. Sometimes, a reading will go in a particular direction that is different than your purpose for booking the reading. Please know that this is an interactive process, and I am glad to go in whatever direction is most helpful to you.