Hello, I just wanted to send you a HUGE Thanks, for doing the reading for Frank this past Wednesday. He was so amazed on how accurate and on point you were with his reading, and he hasn’t been able to stop talking about his experience. He’s been waiting a long while to have a reading and very much appreciated it. Thanks for all that you do. You’ve definately helped him keep hope and stay motivated to do right. Thanks! I will be seeing him for the first time tomorrow since the last time we saw each other 15 yrs. ago!


Hi Diane! I just wanted to write to you to tell how unbelievably impressed Julia and I are with your “Talent” to be able to “Read” me, Julia and other people, things and places whether sitting with you in person and especially over the telephone! Your accuracy is outstanding and amazingly consistent. I don’t care how you do it. I just know by my own experience, you do it! And do it very well! Thanks so much for the caring effort you have shown us over the past several years.

Kindest regards, Rick & Julia Weir

Hello Diane,

I just wanted to tell you how spot n you were for my reading. You said that I would meet a violinist with long dark hair. Some girl I didn’t even know invited me to be her friend on Facebook. A young violinist with long dark hair. We have some of the same friends from cruise ships. You said that I would meet a blond haired woman named Beverly. On a landman site I met a blond haired woman named Beverly. Same thing. She invited me to be her friend.. You said that I would be working and living in Louisiana. I just got a call from my office and told me to report to Louisiana for work for the next few weeks. You said that I would meet someone here in Houston to date but not really a big deal. I met a girl from Unity Church and we have been hanging out together. I love this church by the way. You said that i would live in Washington State. I am really looking forward to this! I just wanted to let you know that I will rely on you for information. You are the best!

Namaste, Dan

I wish I knew how to express how greatful I am to Diane for her compassion and her insight. Psychic is just one of her gifts, as she is also a source of healing for people. A lot of people do this kind of work, but Diane has more integrity than any of them I’ve met. She’s helped me with some things I thought would never be resolved, and I’ve learned to open some of my own gifts that were never developed . I thought I’d be stuck in the past forever, and Diane helped me to move forward. I feel blessed to have found her!

Patricia Shannon, Sylacauga Alabama

Diane Gremmel cuts through the bull and gets to the point. I get a lot out of it whenever I talk to her, and she doesn’t waste my time. Some things she said have startled me, they are so accurate .She’s made a believer out of me, and that’s not easy, but she’s been right more times than I can count.

Danial K, Engineer

Diane’s class is great. She is a very knowledgeable, patient, and kind instructor. I really look forward to attending class and I have encouraged my friends to join as well. I’ve learned a lot about trusting my psychic instinct and reading the signs that are given to me.

Cara C., student

Diane Gremmel is an authentic psychic medium who brings peace, harmony and love to our world. It is rare to find a psychic who delivers so much detailed information with such a high degree of accuracy. Because she has such a kind and empathetic nature she is able to connect with divine beings of a very high level of wisdom. The information brought forth can be profoundly healing to those seeking help. I am honored to know her.

Nancy Marlowe, psychic medium and author

I have known Diane for a number of years and find her to be a psychic medium of the highest ethical values, empathic, accurate, and sensitive to her clients. She also treats her clients with strict confidentiality and compassion. Diane is able to address all issues of interest to her clients — relationships, money, career, children, life direction.

Marva Mason, Marva’s Psychic Fairs, Houston, astrologer and teacher of various metaphysical studies, MAFA, MNCGR

I’ve known many psychics and mediums in my day, and I can say without doubt that Diane Gremmel is the best I’ve ever met.

Lexia Allen, owner of Metaphysical Matrix

I love that Diane teaches you how the psychic brain works, and NOT what your spiritual beliefs need to be. She is one in a million!

Jacob R, Student